Noe Venable | Holistic Music Educator


When: Sundays, 3:30-5pm. Class starts on Sunday, September 16th.

Sliding Scale cost:  $15 - 25 per session, sliding scale.  No-one turned away for lack of funds. Register HERE.

Mothersong Chorus is a weekly singing circle open to women & girls 9 and up.  We sing songs from around the world.  You don’t need to be a confident singer to join us — You just have to love to sing.  

Some of the traditions we explore are hypnotic sacred rounds and chants, joyous South African freedom songs with gorgeous, easy to learn three part harmonies, mystical Jewish niguns, and shape note music, a uniquely brash American tradition.  We are a singing group, a talking and listening group, a place to get closer to spirit together. You don’t need know how to read music — songs are taught the old-fashioned way, by ear.  Nor do you need to be a confident singer. Together, we create a safe space for singers at all levels of comfort and ability.

Our session ends with a gathering to share our work with friends and loved ones.  However, this is not primarily a performance-oriented group, and our meetings are not rehearsals.  Mothersong Chorus is a place to take refuge in sisterhood and find strength in the uplift of shared song.

As it says in one of my favorite Xhosa songs,  “Our Mothers and Grandmothers used to pray…”


As a leader, I strive to foster natural singing.  When we sing in this way, we are “in the flow”.  Song seems to pour through us out into the world.  It’s a mystical experience, a loss of self.  When we experience it, we feel joy and release.   

All of us have the potential to experience singing in this way.  As a long time professional singer-songwriter and now voice teacher, I’ve observed that usually, the main barrier to natural singing is tension in the body.  The root causes of this tension are rarely physical– often, it is rooted in our thinking.  In this group, toning exercises help us overcome negative thought patterns so song can flow through us, pure and unobstructed.  A supportive group culture helps us feel safe enough to bring our whole and authentic selves.  What we bring is enough, and this group is a place to celebrate that.  When we honor the beauty we see in one another, the music can’t help but be beautiful.


We ask that members commit to the entire session, since establishing the optimum group culture requires fairly regular attendance from a consistent group of people.  It is often possible to join us after the start of the session, pending approval of our director.  If you’re unsure, you’re welcome try out a meeting for free.  

The fee for participation in this group is $15-25 per person per 1 1/2 hour meeting, sliding scale, no one turned away.  You choose how much you pay.  After you arrive at a number, you may pay monthly, at the start of each month, deducting the cost for any absences you know of in advance, or you may pay for the entire session at once, at the beginning.

In the unlikely event that I need to cancel a meeting, I’ll reimburse everyone for the session missed, or schedule a makeup.  (And if not all can make the makeup, I’ll reimburse those who can’t make it.)

If you want to join this group, or if you have any further questions, please e-mail the director at  If you are expressing intent to join us, please include

  • Name of person / people attending.
  • Vocal part, if you know it.  (High, middle or low is sufficient.  If you don’t know it yet, don’t worry!  We’ll figure it out together.)
  • What is your comfort / experience level with singing?
  • Your e-mail address.
  • Anything else you’d like to share?

When I get your message, I’ll respond with details for the location of our first meeting.   If you don’t hear back from me within a day or so, please check in via text to make sure your message made it through, at (347) 610-2660.

Noe Venable is a singer and holistic music educator.  As a singer-songwriter, Noe has released six albums of original music, which have earned her a loyal following throughout the world.  Noe’s songs have appeared in film, and Noe has toured nationally with some of the greats, including Ani DiFranco.

As a teacher, Noe’s approach is grounded in the belief that everyone is musical.   Her classes provide a safe space for beginners and experienced singers alike to explore the joy of making music together.  Noe teaches people of all ages.  For families with young children, Noe leads a parent child music class, Hearth Song Music Circle.  She also leads the parent-child program at Golden Bridges School, where she teaches indoor and outdoor child observation classes for families.  For women and girls, she leads Mothersong Chorus, which brings an intergenerational tribe of women together weekly to sing.  

Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School, and a Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch, New England. Noe’s work is grounded in her spiritual practice, which she continues to deepen through ongoing study with Isa Gucciardi of The Sacred Stream.