12 Amazing Health Benefits of Acupuncture

We learned via an article by the Huffington Post that acupuncture “helps us see the world differently -- with more hope, openness, intention, gratitude, compassion, patience and clarity.” What exactly are the benefit to this ancient way of healing? 

Here are 12 health benefits of acupuncture, as stated by the article: 

1. It will open your mind.

The article states, “Acupuncture requires us to think about health in entirely new ways.” There are many ways to heal and become healthier, and acupuncture will remind you that there is not just one way of seeing the world and healing. 

2. It can help make you less stressed.

Acupuncture “removes you from the perpetual state of sympathetic dominance in which so many of us find ourselves.” By relaxing, acupuncture can help you feel less stressed and better manage stress as well. 

3. It will inspire you to get outside more.

The article stated, “In acupuncture theory, humans are viewed as microcosms of the natural world that surrounds them. Things like weather and seasonal shifts factor significantly into acupuncture diagnoses and treatment plans.” When you begin thinking this way and realize that humans are very in touch with nature, it will inspire you to get outside more and enjoy your natural habitat. 

4. It can help give you more energy.

The after effect of an acupuncture session is usually increased energy. The article stated, “Many people report having more energy in the hours, days and even weeks after acupuncture treatment.” 

5. It will clear your head.

Many people feel an improved mental clarity after an acupuncture session. “They're able to make decisions faster with greater confidence. They feel more motivated and resolute about tackling items that have been lingering for months on their to-do lists.”

6. It will allow you to give yourself a break.

The article stated, “Acupuncture looks at how root imbalances affect the whole system. This means that when one thing is out of whack, it can affect you in multiple ways. Many of us are quick to beat ourselves up when we can't muster energy for something that used to come easy, or when we fail to accomplish all the things we "should" be doing.” Acupuncture increases your awareness of things that can “potentially influence your physical and emotional health”. 

7. It can help you sleep.

Having trouble sleeping? Acupuncture can produce more sound and restful nights. 

8. It will get you thinking differently about food.

The article stated that, “In acupuncture, foods often are thought about in terms of temperature. Some people, because of their constitutions or root imbalances, need warming foods while others need foods that cool. Acupuncture dietary theory sheds light on why some people can eat certain foods and feel unaffected while others can't even look in their direction.”

9. It will help you embrace change.

The article stated, “Acupuncture works in this gray area and teaches us to reflect on the small changes happening within and around us all the time. In acupuncture, this is progress.” Not having the ability to accept change can be stressful and place anxiety on some people. Acupuncture can help you accept change and learn to embrace it. 

10. It will make you more patient.

Today’s tech-filled world has created an impatient mentality among many of us. Acupuncture does not work overnight, therefore it can help teach and build patience. The article stated, “Acupuncture is an ongoing process that requires an investment of time and a willingness to let go of our desire for instant gratification. It will make you a more patient person.”

11. It will make you tough.

Although, acupuncture is popular, it is not the norm. The article stated, “It requires a conscious commitment to understanding ourselves in a way that the majority shuns. This is the harder path toward health but ultimately the most rewarding.”

12. It will make you believe in yourself.

An idea in acupuncture is that we already have everything we need to be well. Acupuncture does not “add or subtract anything. Rather, it prompts the body to do what it already knows how to do. It reminds you that you have the power to heal yourself.” By deciding to heal yourself through acupuncture, you are embracing your decision to get healthy and believing in you. 

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Embrace these 12 health benefits of acupuncture and begin healing inside and out.