Spiritual Cleansing: Limpias

Maestra Tereza Iñiguez-Flores states that a traditional Limpia is a spiritual cleansing and balancing of the body, mind, and spirit. Limpias promote a sense of good health and positive mental attitude. It clears emotional obstacles, confusion, stagnant negative energy stuck in the body.

A Traditional limpia conducted by a Curandera/Curandero; is a sweeping of an egg, plants, herbs, oils, sound, prayer and/ or laying of the hands over the body.  Limpias also have spiritual benefits. In Paloma Cervantes' article she states that limpias are a way of improving communicating with the spiritual world.

To experience a limpia consider attending the Traditional Limpia healing event held by Maestra Tereza Iñiguez-Flores and Daisy Isarraras on Sunday, August 7th.