The Rebozo is More Than Just a Shawl Gray Gray

The rebozo (ree-bo-zo) is a delicately woven, multifunctional, traditional shawl from Mexico. According to Tereza Iniguez Flores, a Curandera and Holistic Life Coach at Community Well, the rebozo is a healing practice handed down by the ancestral grandmothers of Mexico.

The rebozo is also considered a "sacred cloth," says Megan Graham, a doula from Opet Childbirth Services. The rebozo is used for many special occasions in a woman's life in Mexico, from their wedding day to their burial ceremony. It is said that "the rebozo ties a woman's birth, life, and death." 

However, the use of the rebozo in labor originated from the midwives of Mexico. According to Sharon Muza, a doula from New Moon Birth, the rebozo can be used during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum:


  • Wrap the rebozo tightly under the belly and around the hips to relieve lower back pain and soreness. 
  • The rebozo also helps in providing support and stability.
  • Secure a hot or cold pack in place on your back or under your belly with a rebozo. 


  • The rebozo can also help the mother squat into labor, which helps move the baby down and opens the pelvis.
  • Help the baby adjust their position with rebozo sifting.


  • During the pushing stage, tug on the rebozo with a partner to help direct the pushes down and move the baby out. 


  • Instead of wearing a bellyband, try using a rebozo instead. 
  • Carry your baby hands-free with the rebozo and wear your newborn high on your chest.

Overall, the rebozo is more than just a shawl. This sacred shawl from Mexico can be used during various stages, from pregnancy to postpartum. At Community Well, we aim to provide accessible, holistic health and maternal services to all families in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco. Tereza Iniguez Flores is a Curandera and Holistic Life Coach at Community Well and she brings years of experience. She offers a unique style of life coaching with a holistic blend of Meso-American and Curanderismo modalities. Her work transforms the lives of individuals, couples, and families seeking to find unity, healthy communication, empowerment, and growth, as they discover and free their inner essence. 

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