Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Photo by Tomas Fano (Via Doula Spot)

According to Jill Stevens, L.Ac., acupuncture is commonly used during pregnancy to induce labor, avoid medical induction and to help turn a baby in a breech position. However, Stevens recommends mothers use acupuncture from the beginning of pregnancy to postpartum. 

During the first trimester, many women feel tired and experience some form of morning sickness. During these months, Stevens recommends women get weekly acupuncture. Stevens says, "It’s an important time to help balance the hormones, help a woman get her energy back, and reduce any nausea or vomiting she might be having. In addition, weekly acupuncture during the first trimester is incredibly effective to help prevent miscarriage and keep baby healthy and happy."

During the second trimester, women tend to feel much better and begin to enjoy their pregnancy. Monthly acupuncture visits are recommended and Stevens says that if the woman is still having some kind of imbalance, then more visits are recommended to find equilibrium. 

During the third trimester, weekly acupuncture is recommended to help get prepped for labor, the birth, and recovery. During these months, acupuncturists may use homeopathy or gentle supplements in addition to acupuncture to reduce the possibility of medical induction, balance stressors, and make sure the baby is in the right position for birth. From Stevens' experience, mothers who get acupuncture thought their pregnancy have less complications, less interventions, and an easier recovery compared to pregnancies without acupuncture treatments. 

Postpartum, Stevens encourages mothers to "stay in bend, get skin to skin with baby, rest, recover, and sleep." Moreover, acupuncture becomes very important during the postpartum time because it can help the mother "regain energy, heal pain, and balance her hormones."

At Community Well, we have Julie M. Baumhofer, L.Ac as our in-house acupuncturist. For more information about acupuncture services, visit this page.