Alleviate Arthritis & Boost Your Mood with Yoga Therapy

We learned via CTV News that a new study found yoga to be safe and effective for people suffering from arthritis and elevates mood. 

CTV News reports, "Yoga may be especially well suited to people with arthritis because it combines physical activity with potent stress management and relaxation techniques, and focuses on respecting limitations that can change from day to day," says Susan J. Bartlett of John Hopkins University. 

The study found that those who "practiced yoga saw a 20 percent improvement over the control group in pain, energy levels, mood and physical function, reporting being better able to perform physical tasks at work and at home." 

Before, health professionals questioned the safety of practicing yoga for individuals with arthritis. Yoga can be tough on joints due to changing positions and flexibility. However,  Dr. Clifton O. Bingham III, director of the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center and researcher of this study, recommends that anyone with arthritis consult their doctor before starting yoga and find the right yoga instructor. 

At Community Well, our yoga instructor, Luis Hernandez, offers yoga therapy and has experience working with people with arthritis. You will learn how to manage symptoms of chronic pain and improve the natural healing process. Yoga therapy will begin in January 2016. Stay updated with us at our health and wellness tab for our yoga offerings.