How to Create More Abundance

After a week of giving of thanks, hopefully some quality family time, and potential indulgence, it is importance for us to carry on the spirit of gratitude. This article by blog-writer The Local Rose is about changing "lack" and living in gratitude. The author talks about visualizing all that she wants already existing in her life. She talks about the power of connecting with courageous, independent, positive and successful people to inspire her to reach personal goals daily. As we step further into winter, into the holiday season and perhaps a hectic time of year, it's important that we take time out to express gratitude, show love, and be courageous for one another. Perhaps we can do this through meditation, yoga, or simply taking time out of our day to list out all of the things we already possess that we are grateful for. Check the calendar of Community Well classes, including stress reduction classes and yoga to jumpstart any future practices in expressing gratitude.