4 Interesting Reasons to Try Therapy

We learned via an article by Forbes that some people are under the misconception that therapy is for people who are "weak". However, this isn't true. The article stated that, "Psychotherapy is a tool that creates success. Smart people use it." 

Therapy is something that everyone must try at least once in there lives. Here are 4 reasons why!

1. Therapy’s effects persist over the long-haul

A huge benefit of therapy is that its effects are long lasting. This is true because you are not only working through your problems, but learning the tools to help you deal with issues in the future. 

2. Physical symptoms get treated, too

Psychological trauma can trigger physical symptoms. Attending therapy sessions can help decrease these symptoms. The articled stated that, "There have been some studies that show that many physical ailments are ameliorated when someone engages in therapy." 

3. Repressed emotions will come back to haunt you later on

The biggest issue of not talking through your issues is that unexpressed feelings will build up and explore later on. Repressing or damping one's feelings doesn't make things go away. If anything, they linger, only to explore when triggered. It's best to sit down and work through issues when they are happening. 

4. You know you’re not alone

Seeing a therapist can be a huge relief in knowing that you are not alone. You will have comfort and support in the fact that you are reaching out for help. The article stated that, " it is true that being with people who are dealing with similar issues can be very reassuring."

Interested in giving therapy a try? Make an appointment to see our therapist Leah Chalofsky, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is committed to providing psychotherapy that respects the unique differences of each individual, couple, and family that I work with.  Leach believes that the relationship between the therapist and clients can be healing and transformative.  At the heart of her practice is the focus on each person's strengths and resilience.

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