4 Reasons To Practice Prenatal Yoga

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We learned via Chopra that "regular prenatal yoga classes can help keep you centered, calm, and relatively pain-free throughout your pregnancy." It is easy to get overwhelmed and flustered on the things that you must prepare for pregnancy, but yoga can help you refocus. Here are 4 reasons why you should try prenatal yoga!

1. Promote Mental Well-Being

The article stated that during pregnancy your sensitivity increases and senses are heightened. As a result, you may not like certain smells or get protective if someone touches you. However, this is completely normal, "As a woman expecting, your limbic system is heightened. You may also go into protective mode and feel urges to protect your fetus at all costs." There is no need to panic or have feelings of worry or fear. Prenatal yoga "can teach you breathing techniques to help calm your mind, center your thoughts, and keep you in a space of inner tranquility, even when the world around you appears to threaten your peace."

2. Build Community

In a prenatal yoga class you are surrounded by women who understand what you are feeling and experiencing. Your friends or partner may not completely know what you are going through. However, in a prenatal yoga class you have the opportunity to meet new friends who are understanding and will be there for your pregnancy and postpartum.

3. Eases Aches and Pains

Most women experience some pain or aches during pregnancy, such as in your lower back or sciatic pain. Yoga poses, like the pigeon or cat can help you relieve the pain in your body. The article stated that, "An actual yoga class, that stimulates circulation and gets you moving, can help alleviate physical discomforts. And the results can last for a good 24 to 48 hours after your class."

4. A Healthy Delivery

Yoga teaches you to get in touch with your body and pay attention to its signals. The article stated that, "Hip openers and squats can help prepare your body for labor and delivery while familiarity with other yoga poses will allow you to stretch or find positions during labor that can help your body to relax." Practicing breathing in yoga can also help you during contractions.

Now that you learned about why you should try a prenatal yoga class, why not try it out?

Community Well offers a weekly prenatal yoga class taught by Renee Wilson. These fun and empowering classes are tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women, promotes holistic, abundant and radiant practices and most of all helps prepare you for birth and beyond. Yoga eases aches and pains commonly found during pregnancy, promotes mind, body, spirit connection with your baby, builds strength and breath awareness and is an opportunity to practice and be in community with other pregnant women.

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