4 Reasons Why To Join a New Moms Group

We learned via SheKnows that there are many benefits to joining a new moms group. Check out these 5 reasons why you should join! 

1. Make new friends. 

Getting out and meeting new people may be hard when you just had a baby. By joining a new moms group, you'll meet other new moms looking for advice and facing similar changes. You'll have plenty to talk about and meet new friends who are like minded.

2. Learn from each other. 

As a new mom, you may not be sure about a lot of parenting and baby issues. In a new moms group, you are feel to talk and ask other moms about their opinions and input. It's not easing figuring out parenting alone, but in a group you will receive support and help! 

3. Instant friends for your kids. 

The article stated that, "One great side benefit of mom's groups is that they tend to evolve into playgroups for your kids." By joining a moms group in which the kids are around the same age, your kids will find playmates and friends as well! They also stated, "If your parenting styles and interests mesh with the other members, chances are your kids will have no problem making fast friends of their own." 

4. Baby sitting swaps. 

The article mentioned that if you get to know the other moms well enough, you might consider setting up babysitting swaps. Work out a schedule and bring your kids to one of your homes on a rotating basis. This is a great way to meet new moms and find helpful sitters! 

Interested in join a new moms group? Community Well offers a weekly New Moms Group. At this group participants will meet other mothers in the 0-3 month postpartum range and get tips and tricks from experts in the field of newborn care and breastfeeding. Each meeting will include a mini discussion topic as well as resources.

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