5 Tips To Talk To Your Child About Body Image

It is never too late to teach children about body positivity! An article by Romper shared tips for how to talk to your children about body image. Knowing how to communicate healthy messages about body image to kids is an important skill every parent should learn. 

Here are 5 tips to help you start the conversation! 

1. Censor Self-Deprecating Quips

It is important to look at how you talk about your body in front of your children before lecturing to them about body positivity. Try to become more conscious of your own language, not just around your kids, but in general. Children often mirror actions, so it is important that you reflect a positive attitude in order to have your children really understand body positivity. 

2. Talk About How Food Nourishes Your Body

It is important to remind kids that food is fuel. The article stated that, Adrianne Fiala McGill, a mental health counselor and mother, says, “We do talk about things that are in our tummy like the food we just ate. Like after we eat our barriga (belly) is full of chicken or soup.” Therefore, this food gives us energy for our day! 

3. Encourage Your Child To Feel Comfortable In Their Skin

The article stated that, Avital Norman Nathman, mother, freelance writer and editor of The Good Mother Myth says, “First, I want my son to feel confident and comfortable in his own body, so we're careful about the ways we talk about bodies and food in our house.” Parents Magazine emphasized that parents have the most influence in making kids feel comfortable in their skin. 

4. Talk Openly About Bodies

It is important for parents to talk openly and honestly to their kids about their bodies. The article stated that, “ when you talk about your child's body parts, it's important to call each body part by its proper name.” 

5. Emphasize What Bodies Can Do, As Opposed To Just What They Look Like

Encourage your child to engage in fun outdoor activities. In this way, your children can see what their bodies can do, instead of what they look like. The article stated that, “Mayo Clinic confirms that as your child gets older, it's important for her not just to be active, but to get physical with friends who have the same mindset.” 

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