8 Benefits of Holistic Life Coaching

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We learned via Personal Development Central that holistic life coaching has several benefits if you are looking to make changes in your life. If you are stuck in some areas of your life or aren’t feeling fulfilled or satisfied, a holistic life coach can help you widen your perspective and help you grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. 

Here are the 8 benefits to working with a holistic life coach:

  1. A clear process for achieving your successive objectives 
  2. Accountability 
  3. A Sounding Board for your thoughts and ideas
  4. Support and Encouragement 
  5. Someone else who is focused on helping you achieve your goals
  6. Honest Feedback
  7. Someone to suggest alternatives and point out options
  8. A safe environment in which to grow 

These are only 8 benefits to working with a life coach, to find out more set up a meeting with our Holistic Life Coach Tereza Iniguez to start your healing journey. 

Tereza Iñiguez-Flores offers a unique style of life coaching with a holistic blend of Meso American/Curanderismo modalities. Her work transforms the lives of individuals, couples and families seeking to find unity, healthy communication, empowerment, and growth, as they discover and free their inner essence.  Her focus is the healing of ancestral, childhood and present trauma for a stronger sense of self. As a teacher she shares the gifts of Curanderismo with healing professionals and individuals in search of transformation. 

Visit www.tierramorena.net to learn more about her work!

To book an appointment with Tereza, visit the following page:

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