Become a Master of your Money

By Edgar Mendez

Credit: Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

I found a new home at 78 Ocean Ave. in San Francisco, CA – Community Well, is a place to revive and recharge your own sense of wellness whether it’s by participating in a healing circle, yoga, therapy, or any of their self-care services and classes.  I was interested in examining my financial wellness. I ventured over to Community Well with my sister and attended Make 2018 Your Best Money Year Ever! Lead by Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin.

This workshop helped me put this “New Year, New Money” mantra into action by helping me feel empowered to share this knowledge with my family, friends, and colleagues and informed on how to improve and manage my finances. My upbringing in a Mexican household taught me the value of money. When you work hard for your money it means so much more to you than just dirty green paper. I want to be an expert in this finance game to be able to give back to my parents a life where they’re finally able to ENJOY and LIVE!

Fortunately, Jennifer covered a variety of fundamentals for everyday people and how to implement them into your daily life. These fundamentals laid out a clear road to take to be able to accomplish this life I desire for my parents but also for myself.

This workshop was my awakening!

When I step back and think about my greatest accomplishment: first generation college student and graduate (YASSSS!) I felt invincible and ready to take on the “real world.”

Immediately though I arrived at the harsh reality that I was constructing my own glass ceiling as a POC which prevented me from growing and reaching my highest potential. I deserve to know this information too. I pondered the root of this crutch and came to the conclusion that I inherited these limitations from the social constructs that have lead POC to think we can't dream big.

The simple action of showing up to this workshop was radical – it’s breaking the cycle, shattering this glass ceiling nonsense to accomplish our desires in this lifetime.

You too have access to this information and can begin your journey on becoming a master of your money at Community Well.

To end I will leave you with these four pearls of wisdom I learned:

  • Set a financial plan or goal
  • Strive to put 20-25% of your income into your savings account (baby steps if you’re just starting)
  • Time is the greatest tool in your pursuit of financial stability
  • Protect your money fiercely (thanks Jennifer for this one) ;)

Happy Saving, xoxo

Bio: Edgar is a San Francisco native and a graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California with a split major in Dance and English. Over the course of his studies he found that dance was the only thing that fueled his soul and knew that this was what he wanted to experience in his life daily. He strives to live his life creatively, unlimited, and available – a very special lesson that dance has taught him.