Claiming Prosperity

Prosperity is a period of good luck, ease, comfort, security, and well-being according to Everyone wishes for prosperity. What distinguishes people from getting it is hard work and the right mindset. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. If you believe you ARE successful, abundant, and lucky it will happen.

3 ways in which you can build prosperity are the following:

1) Affirm your new reality- Tell yourself you will be successful. Imagine yourself in 5 or 10 years from now and what would do to get there. Start creating habits in which the future YOU will be proud of. Repeat statements such as, "I will be successful" or " I will get the car I want" throughout the day.

2) Visualize something better- Do not just visualize a picture in your head but try to experience what it would be like to increase in wealth. This can mean getting a better job, a raise, pay a huge debt or help your community out. Constantly aiming for better will get you to a better position in life.

3) Paint a portrait of success- What does success mean to you? Everyone has a definition of success. For example, if more Money means success to you, think about the lifestyle you'll be living. Vacations, luxury items and eating out.

Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin's class - Claiming Prosperity - focuses on “how to personally shift our mindset and energy to the high vibration of Prosperity".  With various exercises and discussion about prosperity, you'll feel excited about moving into a new stage in life.

If you're excited about the Claiming Prosperity class consider her FREE Financial Empowerment class that covers information about basic money principles around saving, taxes, risk, debt, and inflation.

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