Benefits of Postnatal Exercise

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We learned via an article by PushyMothers that moms benefit from exercising after their baby arrives. Exercise will quicken your recovery and keep you moving! 

The Benefits:

Abdominal Recovery

Working out your abdominal muscles will help you increase your core stability and flatten your stomach over time.

Pelvic Floor

The article states that, "Pelvic floor conditioning reduces the risk of incontinence. It can also enhance your libido!


Exercising improves circulation and heart and lung function. Try walking a few laps around the park and get Vitamin D while your outside! 

Natural High

The article states that women who exercise postnatal experience positive mood changes. They stated, "Exercise-induced endorphins, fresh air and a chance to work those gossip muscles will enhance your overall well being.”

Back Up
Improve your upper body strength by exercising and reduce the risk of injury from carrying your baby. 

The article recommends to get active three times a week. Moms, do you need a space to workout and meet other moms?

Try out our Postnatal Fitness Conditioning class with Yana Ibrahim. In this class, you will focus in  postpartum training to address strength and stability issues in the core and pelvic floor muscles. Key focus areas will be pelvic floor conditioning, abdominal recovery and increasing cardiorespiratory fitness.