Support, Personal Growth & 3 More Benefits of Joining a "Mom Group"

According to Diet-to-Go guest blogger Mia Redrick, "eight percent of moms do not take care of themselves... some even ignoring basic personal care tasks like going to the dentist, fixing their hair, or even showering". She adds, "Few Moms take the time to go out with the girls or even relax by themselves in the bathtub for a few minutes."

A great way for moms to take a break is through mom groups. Here are five benefits moms can get by joining a mom group:

1. Support

One reason why moms feel stressed is because they may feel that no one understands them. However, by joining a mom support group, you will automatically gain friends who understand exactly what you are going through! According to Redrick, "Mom support groups make it easy to find a sympathetic ear when the stress level has gotten to high that you just don't know what to do".

2. Friendship

"Many women lose touch with their friends after they become mothers, especially if they are the first ones among their friends to have children" says Redrick. Joining a Mom group allows you to make new friends to chat motherhood with. Bringing your kids to mom dates won't be an issue with your new friends, as they are more understanding of the struggles with finding a babysitter.

3. Advice

Most Mom groups offer a mix of mothers. From young moms to more mature moms, you'll get the best advice from being in a diverse age group. Moms who are a bit older than you will have more words of wisdom to offer, and you can be a mentor to a new young mom or first time mom. If you don't have anyone else to go to for advice in your personal life, a mom support group is a great way to make new connections and seek advice.

4. Accountability

"Practicing self-care is not something that comes natural to Moms because we are preprogrammed to make sacrifices for our families," says Redrick.  She adds, "We often feel the need to drop everything for our children and forget about our own basic needs". Mothers in the mom group can keep you accountable for your own self care. They'll know when you need a little time away from the kids and are in need of a girls's night!

5. Personal Growth

According to Redrick, "Often when we become mothers, we tend to forget about the things we once wanted to do with our life." She says, "Maybe we wanted to go back to school and get that Master's Degree, but we put that plan on hold until the kids are older". The issue here is that this special day usually never comes. By joining a mom support group, you can find other moms who can cheer you on and support you with your goals. Remember, you don't need to give up on your dreams just because you become a mother! Moms in the group can help you realize this. 

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