Essential Oils Can Make A Difference

According to an article in, "Your sense of smell is your most primal sense and exerts surprising influence over your thoughts, emotions, moods, memories, and behaviors."

This is why Essential oils can make a difference in your well-being. A natural plant-based oil is composed of biologically volatile compounds that run through your brain in areas of emotion and memory. By simply applying essential oils to your pulse points (where your blood is closer to your skin) and then inhaling you can have the best results. Essential oils can make a positive influence on your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress.

We smell better than you may think we do. Babies use smells to locate their mother’s nipple and more studies have shown babies can detect danger and their mother's fear via smell. Once we reach adulthood studies show we can detect over 10,000 smells or more. Rockefeller University found humans could detect millions of scents. Knowing this is not surprising, depending on the area of complaint, there are specific oils one can use. For example, for anxiety an essentials oils you should use are lavender, bergamot, rose, clary sage, lemon, Roman chamomile, orange, sandalwood, rose-scented geranium, and pine.

Thanks to Jen Moran, Community Well is providing a free class on Essential oils for the whole family.

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