5 Myths About Parenting Classes

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We learned via Washington Parent that there are many myths surrounding the idea of taking a parenting class. Read these 5 myths and learn how parenting classes can benefit all parents! 

Myth #1 Parenting classes are only for parents with big problems. 

According to Washington Parent, parenting classes can be great for parents with big challenges and just as beneficial for everyone else. Parenting is a “life long process” and most people go to parenting classes because they are frustrated that they can not move past their struggles. There are many ways to resolve issues without yelling or power struggle. A good parenting class “gives you a variety of tools for your relationship tool box to deal with problems big and small.” You will learn positive parenting strategies and feel more confident about your parenting skills. Also, you have the opportunity to be in community with other parents who share your experiences and struggles. 

Myth #2 I parent intuitively - what's the big deal about parenting?

There is lot to be learned in a parenting class. For example, parents “often spend a lot of their time and energy trying to stop behaviors that are irritating but developmentally normal”. When parents learn that saying “No” over and over again is normal for a 2 year-old, parents can ignore the ‘No” and move onto more emphasizing more important skills to teach their toddler, such as pouring a glass of milk or picking up her toys. The article stated that Jodi Ferrier, a Washington mother of three, says, "The best thing I got out of going to a parenting class was realizing that other parents were dealing with similar issues and that so many tough stages are developmental.

Myth #3 I don't want to share my family life with strangers.

Parents, you do not have to say anything in a parenting that you do not wish to share. You can show up and listen, but if you feel like helping other parents and sharing your stores, it is “one of the most generous things you can do for other parents.” You will learn that the most parents experience similar issues that are common. Isn’t that a relief? Parents can be very hard on themselves if they do not see their children behaving like how they would like, but being in community with other parents relieves this pressure.

Myth #4 Parenting classes take too long and I'm too busy.

The truth is that parenting class do take too long and you are busy, however in the long-term you will see the results you want. The articles states to “Consider all the time you spend yelling, reminding, nagging and cajoling, and it might add up to a few wasted hours.” These hours are better spent in a parenting class that will give you advice, support and new ideas you need in order to parent more effectively. Knowing that there are other parents like you experiencing the same issues, learning that you do some parenting tasks well, and understanding how you can improve your parenting strategies will bring rewards to your family life in the long-term. 

Myth #5 Parenting classes are for people who don't know what they are doing.

In reality, none of know what we are doing! We take driving classes, swimming classes, cooking classes and parenting should be seen the same way. Parenting is a life long journey, so reach out for support and make the best of it! 

Are you looking for a parenting class right here in the Excelsior District? Try out our Introduction to Parenting Class with Sharon Tom, Mediator & Parenting Coach. Introduction to Parenting explores the parenting beliefs and styles of each parent to create a common and consistent foundation for raising their children; introduce the 3 stages of parenting and developing a plan to facilitate the needs of the child’s emotional development and learning techniques to speak from the heart when confronted with stressful situations.

We wish you happy parenting! Parenting is tough, however Community Well is here to help!