Healing Trauma

Events such as the death of a family member, natural disasters or emotional and physical abuse can leave a negative mark in our life. According to Psychology Today, "Trauma feelings cannot be repressed or forgotten". This will lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can range from different extends in the spectrum.  In all cases, recovery cannot happen alone.

There are four stages to the healing of trauma:

Stage one - Circuit-breaking

Many people who have experience Trauma of some sort, describe feeling numb or in shock. The truth is trauma takes most thoughts and does not let people focus on daily tasks. This can affect work and relationships. People can feel alone and disconnected and negative thoughts can take over.  When you are on your way to recovery energy and equilibrium can come back into your life.

Stage two - Return of feelings

Communication is essential to recovery. This is the reason why seeking professional counseling is so important. People need to talk and let their feelings out. By thinking about the events in which disturb their lives it can stimulate feelings back.

Stage three- Constructive Action

Trauma leaves people feeling powerless but you can make a difference by helping others who were in the same or a worse position than you. This can restore self-control and compassion for others. Some examples of constructive action are donating blood, volunteering in a shelter, writing a letter to someone, or donating clothes to Salvation Army.

Stage four- Reintegration

People who have experienced trauma and has overcome it, become stronger than ever before. They experience life in a whole new level. There's meaning to life and value to those who surround you. New goals in life may emerge and the peace you receive from this healing journey can push you to help others.

Community Well offers many options for healing trauma.  We believe that there is not a "one size fits all" approach and we welcome you to discover what healing modality is your best fit.  The following are different options for healing once you are ready to make a shift in your life: