Helping to Heal Our Children

The number of children who observe violence at home is estimated to be 3 million every year. These statistics are alarming. Verbal and physical abuse can be equally harming. This can leave an impact on future generations and backtrack society as a whole.  How many times do we hear of physical assaults, killings, or parents abusing their own children or neglecting them? Adults who commit these crimes may have been exposed to violence at a young age and never received help.  Also children exposed to violence are at a greater risk of becoming victims themselves; not just the perpetrators of violence.

CNN states, "Boys exposed to domestic violence may channel their feelings through aggressive acts such as fighting, hitting younger siblings and engaging in high-risk behaviors such as using or abusing drugs or joining gang." Girls also show high risk of depression, hurting themselves and consuming drugs due to violence. Studies on children that experience violence have shown a positive correlation to homelessness, unemployment, and mental problems when those children become adults. By addressing issues of violence we can move towards a more caring society.

Intervention for children should be the first and most important priority. Therapy is one of the best options for kids because therapists create a safe environment on the journey of healing trauma. Family members and children have a safe space to address issues developed after being exposed to violence. Therapists aim to improve relationships; breaking barriers created by violence and making goals for groups and individuals towards a more joyful life.

No matter what healing modality you choose, know that you are making a positive step towards giving your child the opportunity to have a happy and healthy adulthood.  Help to break learned behaviors of violence by seeking support from a practitioner at Community Well today.