Nurture Yourself: Women's Cricles

Joining a women's circle is a great way to nurture yourself.  Women circles provide a safe atmosphere for women to share, receive support and strengthen bonds with other women. The collective wisdom of a circle can be very powerful for breakthroughs and healing.

Women can carry the world on their shoulders and after working eight hours and taking care of kids they tend to leave their needs at the door. For most people, it's hard to notice taking care of themselves is not part of their daily routine. They fail to create habits or find support systems that will improve their life significantly.

There are many ways to nurture yourself outside of circles. The Huffington Post offers 5 ways to nurturing your inner self.

1) Send loving messages to yourself- Make note of accomplishments you've made. Nothing is more motivating than to know you've done something you're proud of and can do it again. Post these notes in places where it will remind you to feel strong and appreciated.

2) Take good care of yourself- Taking care of yourself not only does it mean eating right and exercising. It also means, getting enough sleep, reading a good book, and watching an episode of your favorite show. 

3) Set healthy boundaries with others-  Communication is an essential tool to build healthy boundaries with others. If a friend is always late to meet you or making unnecessary comments let them know how you feel. Most people will appreciate you being straightforward because they are unaware of their actions. 

4) Believe in yourself- Be your biggest fan.

5) Be compassionate with yourself- We're not perfect and we have many flaws. You won't always meet your goal and that's okay. Everything should be work in progress, knowing what you need to work on it's already a huge advantage. 

Be gentle with yourself and remember that we are all a work in progress.  Whatever methods you choose to nurture yourself know that you are taking steps in the right direction.  If you are craving a space to shed your tears, laugh out loud or to feel like you are not alone consider joining a women's circle.

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