Positive Impact of Support Groups

Although this article comes from resolve.org, or the National Infertility Association, it speaks to the benefits of support groups like those we have here at Community Well. The article discusses how support groups help individuals cope with negative feelings primarily, and although support groups are helpful with processing negative feelings, they are also in place to help community members share tips, share individual experiences, and lots more. They are a safe space to process difficult experiences as well as positive revelations! They have incredible benefits all across the board. Here are some of the benefits of support groups that resolve.org listed: 

- Decreased sense of isolation 

- Freedom to express negative feelings

- Development of effective coping skills 

- Sharing of information and resources

- Enhanced self-esteem

- Safe place to express themselves 

- Place for individuals to connect with one another and create a bond

All of these positive results of being in a support group are true for the support groups here at Community Well. Come check them out and reap all these benefits! The New Mom's Support Group is meeting Tuesdays from 10:30am-11:30am. Please join in!