Relax & Release

By Catherine Okafor

Recently I participated in a restorative yoga class. Initially, I hesitated to participate simply because I don’t consider myself a yogi nor super fit. I arrived early so I could instantly head to the back of the room and set up my space. As the instructor entered the room, she greeted me and gave me a snippet of what to expect from the class. She mentioned not only were we going to practice light yoga poses but also reiki with essential oils. Not sure what reiki is, I was excited to learn while also using essential oils.

As the yoga instructor led us in our restorative poses, I noticed that my body was slowly easing away any stress or tension in my body. Within the first ten minutes, I was in heaven and loving it. As we laid in the asana pose on our mats, the instructor came around to gently massage our head and scalp with lavender and frankincense. Both scents further relaxed my body and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the class.

I was first introduced to essential oils when I first stepped foot at Community Well last fall. Elena led a workshop centered on essential oils and the many benefits of using them. Since the workshop, I have purchased and use the essential oil, lavender, on a daily basis. It’s easy to say that I’m in love with it! I’m also in love with my restorative yoga experience and will make it a weekly practice. For those of you hesitating to begin your fitness routine, start today! I’m sure you’ll thank me later once you find something that suits you. In the meantime, check out the health and wellness services offered at Community Well!

Catherine Okafor is currently leading monthly Writing for Self Care Workshops.  For more information click HERE.