Self-esteem: Development & Growth of Children

Self-esteem is important for the development and growth of children. Children who have low self-esteem, have negative thoughts about themselves, give up easily and feel like they do not belong at school or in groups/sports. This affects everything they do. For example, self-esteem makes children more likely to try a new sport or an activity. On the other hand, a kid with low self-esteem won't try something new in fear of failure. Lack of confidence can be dangerous for a kid and it's the parent's duty to build that confiden

According to Kids Health, "Self-esteem can begin with things parents say when a kid is very young". This means whatever you say negative or positive, it can influence your child's future. By congratulating them on learning to bike, drawing, finishing their homework or learning to write their name a child can feel empowered.

4 simple ways you can boost a kid's self-esteem are the following:

  1. Make a list with all the things your kid is good at. This can be sports, music or school.
  2. Make sure your kid keeps practicing that one thing they believe are good at.
  3. If your kid is not comfortable with something turn that, "I can't" to "I can".
  4. Spend time with your kid.

If you feel your child needs additional support consider the following services at Community Well: