Study Finds That Breastfeeding Could Save More Than 800,000 Lives A Year

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New research has found that if every new mother breastfed her baby, more than 800,000 children’s lives would be saved every year and thousands of future deaths caused by breast cancer could be avoided. 

According to an article by CBS News, a “two-part study in The Lancet showed high-income countries are especially lagging behind low- and middle-income countries when it comes to the length of time women breastfeed.” Only one if five children in high-income countries are breasted for up to 12 months. However, only one in three babies in low and middle income countries are breastfeed up until they are six months old. 

The article stated that the researches said their findings suggest breast milk is “a personalized medicine for infants and millions of children are failing to receive the full benefits provided by breastfeeding.” The data was taken from 28 studies and their research as found that “823,000 children worldwide under the age of five could be saved annually, and about 20,000 breast cancer deaths could be prevented, if universal breastfeeding occurred.” 

Breastfeeding has many benefits for mother and baby. It increases intelligence and might protect against obesity and diabetes later on in life for children. For mothers, it protects against breast cancer and may protect against ovarian cancer and type 2 diabetes. 

However, the authors said for breastfeeding to become a norm, we need “increased educationand support from health care providers at the time of birth and beyond, along with legal and policy changes, and shifts in attitudes in the workplace and society.increase education”. 

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