Study Found That Mental Illness Is As Much Of A Global Threat As Infectious Diseases

According to NPR, research shows that depression and anxiety cost the world economy $1 trillion every year. What makes mental illness a global threat? Dr. Shekhar Saxena of the World Health Organization says, "Mental illnesses are common in every country - rich or poor - and they cause a lot of debt and a lot of disability. That's what makes it important".

Currently, the WHO is organizing a meeting to attract more attention on mental health. They believe that all countries need to pay more attention to mental health, and when it comes to mental health, all countries are developing countries. Dr. Shekhar Saxena says that human resources are the most important resources for any country's development. "Unless we have mentally healthy population, which can devote its energies and intellect to the economic development of the country, you are missing a whole lot of development potential," he adds.

There is a large gap between rich and poor countries when it comes to mental health treatment. According to Dr. Shekhar Saxena, "There are countries which are in high-income range where there is a psychiatrist for every 2,000 people. And there are other countries - in Africa, Asia, also in Latin America - where there is one mental health worker for 1 million or more population."

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