The Benefits of Breastfeeding Support Groups

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Support systems are extremely important for new mothers. As new mothers, there are some things that come instinctively. However, the journey of motherhood is a long one and receiving a little help along the way with a group of like-minded women makes the journey a lot easier. According to Dusty Shell from, "Breastfeeding support groups are fantastic for women who have never breastfed before or for those who are nursing veterans but desire to reach out to help those who are not." 

Benefits of Breastfeeding Support Groups:

1. They’re about more than breastfeeding.

Being a mom isn't all just about breastfeeding! All sorts of parenting topics will come up, such as baby sleep patterns, newborn behavior, and balancing work and family life. You will receive more than just breastfeeding support and leave with new parenting knowledge from fellow moms in the group. 

2. They build community.

Support groups open the doors to build friendships, create life long relationships, find shoulders to lean on, receive valuable feedback, and much more. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child!

3. They provide a safe space to ask uncomfortable questions.

We all have questions about motherhood that we may be afraid to ask. A Breastfeeding support group is the perfect setting to ask these questions. Support groups offer a no judgment zone, so no topic is really off limits. 

4. They will have live examples.

Sometimes new moms have trouble grasping how breastfeeding should look like when it comes to holding positions or latch. Ask a fellow mom to demonstrate with their little one, most moms won't mind to help visual learners!

5. They may help you breastfeed longer.

Many women give up breastfeeding early because they have questions they are too afraid to ask. Support groups provide you with a space to seek the answers you need! By seeking support from like-minded women you are more likely to keep up with breastfeeding for the long haul.

We have two support groups for mothers at Community Well, a breastfeeding support group and a new mom's support group. These support groups are facilitated by certified Lactation Consultants, Katie Howser and Farrell Topham. They bring years of wisdom and experience to help you in all aspects of breastfeeding. Please view our calendar of classes and free programs for dates and times. We hope to see you and your little one soon!