The Holidays are Coming

By Catherine Okafor

Being away from my family and friends during the holidays is always the time when I stress to make plans with them or pinch my pennies and try something else. I’ve met a lot of folks from the east coast living in the Bay and they, too have questioned what they should do for the holidays. Especially, if they don’t have the funds, time or energy to travel back east. Below, are a couple of ideas that I’ve done to help me enjoy the holidays.


This is my absolute favorite thing to do! I’m such a home-body and enjoy spending quality time alone at home…with Netflix of course! For those of you on a budget and can’t think of anywhere else to go, look no further than San Francisco. There is tons to do in and outside of the city. I rarely get time outside of work to explore but the holidays grant me the time needed to walk around and explore all that SF has to offer. To take it a step further. If you want a change of scenery, book a night or two at a local hotel (or Airbnb) that’s closer to a neighborhood that you want to get to know better.

What about your friends?!

I miss my southern-style food and I enjoy that best back home in North Carolina. When travel season is too busy or pricey, I opt out to spend time hear with friends. Friendsgiving is the best option for this! Call up a few friends, cook your favorite meals and pop open your favorite win. This is a win-win for everyone and I’m sure it’ll be a great time.

Other options to consider are solo traveling, participating in a retreat, or simply saving up and venturing back home with the fam. Whatever you choose to do this holiday season, I hope it’s fun and relaxing! Have any other ideas on how you spend the holidays, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: Jakob Owens