Tips for Living a Happy and Prosperous Life

With January soon coming to an end, we are all likely reflecting upon our new year's resolutions and goals for the year. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice for living a more prosperous life in 2016 from Anna Lemind, owner of

1. Spread Love

The more love you express to others will yield more love to you in return! As humans, we are naturally social creatures and crave bonds with others. Show that you value your bonds and relationships with others with little acts of kindness. 

2. Learn from Life

Negative experiences foster personal growth and positive development. Don't let one bad experience diminish your self-esteem. Instead, learn from the experience with dignity and accept mistakes you have made. We can all learn from the past and move forward with lessons learned.

3. Show Respect

If you respect others, they will respect you in return. In other words, treat others how you would like to be treated. The saying may be old, but respect is never outdated. 

4. Be Responsible

Take full responsibility for your actions. Always act with common sense and show love and respect to another person. Remember that everything that is done with great kindness, is doomed to success.

5. Be Decent

Live an honest and decent life. Be the fair, honest, and respectful person you wish to see in the world. 

6. Admit Your Mistakes

Admitting your mistakes is a sign of maturity and courage. We're all human and nobody is perfect. Don't be afraid to say that you did something wrong, many people will respect you more for admitting you were wrong. 

7. Forgive

Do not let little things interfere with your life and destroy a great relationship. Both in personal life and in business, relationships have a great value, so don’t treat them lightly. Therefore, when small disagreements occur, do not let them ruin your relationship. Forgive and move on.

8. Change

Be open to change! Change is difficult for most people because we are uncomfortable with new situations. We can all learn and grow from change, leading us to try things we normally wouldn't feel comfortable with. 

9. Learn to Listen

The art of listening can be tricky for many people. We may look like we are listening, but we actually are concerned with thoughts in our minds. Try listening mindfully and being present in the moment. By listening, we learn another person’s point of view and get a better understanding

10. Create Abundance

Create an atmosphere of love and harmony in your house. When we create an atmosphere of love, we create the foundation for happiness, abundance and prosperity. Remember that by giving something we get greater pleasure and reward in return.

11. Practice Calm Reflection

Spend some time meditating at least once a day. This allows you to reflect on your day and connect it to your plan of life. This is the framework for your abundance and prosperity.

12. Give Yourself to People

Remember that in any relationship, your love for others is more important than your need for them. In other words, giving yourself to people without any expectations, in the end you will get the greatest satisfaction and reward.

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