Treat yo’ self to some Meditation: Part 2

By Edgar Mendez

I experienced that wonderful ‘light-bulb moment,’ a surge of happiness moved all throughout my body. I arrived in myself again, neutral gaze, sitting peacefully simultaneously aware and unaware.

By the end of the breathing, I noticed a shift happen but I couldn’t put my finger on what that shift was, until Marie nailed it with: ‘it’s all about the power of now.’ BOOM!

We are workers, doers, makers, constantly on the go – our bodies hold so much throughout the day which enables a disconnect in ourselves. How often are we truly present, ‘living in the moment?’ For me, not as often as I should.

As I shared in Part 1 of this post, I went through a work transition, which was emotional and scary (but also very exciting). I noticed that I carried those emotions and the fear of the unknown throughout my days and I would go to my phone for advice, completely disregarding that the answers can be found within myself sans Instagram or Facebook.

I now can use meditation as a tool to organize my feelings, emotions, fears, ALL OF IT by simply being, and accessing the power of my breath.

Marie took me on a journey of exploration and discovery. Through meditation I arrived at the conclusion that change is the only constant.

The process itself takes practice because we have been conditioned to be on the go, utilizing our time to sit still and breathe seems like the last thing you want to do, but its actually one of the most empowering things you can do.

This is why its so important to have these classes. Take control of your time and slow it down.

I encourage all to find a moment to sit and breathe, and perhaps you too will find that light-bulb moment.

Photo by John Baker