Why Everyone Should Consider Seeing A Life Coach

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We learned via The Greatist that there are many benefits to meeting with a life coach. They stated that, "Coaching is different from psychotherapy, though it can be used in conjunction with therapy. It focuses on helping clients to thrive in the present and future, and on creating a vision and action plan towards living life to its fullest capacity."

Check out these 5 reasons why you should consider meeting with a life coach! 

1. Find your calling.

The bond formed with your life coach can help you learn what is truly meaningful to you. Life coaches "empower their clients to come up with their own answers, dreams, and plans to achieve them". 

2. Gain clarity. 

Life can be overwhelming, with to-do lists and cluttered thoughts, it can be hard to gain clarity alone. By regularly seeing a life coach, you are setting time aside to declutter your mind and dedicate yourself to you. Also, with a life coach you will "gain a clear perspective of where you are and where you’d like to go." 

3. Look at your entire self.

A life coach can help you step back and look at your entire self, instead of the pieces that grab your attention. A person is "a complex mesh of intertwined life-domains — your career, finances, health, family, romantic and social life, etc. — and personal growth is never about a single slice of life." Therefore, by seeing a life coach, you will have the opportunity to find balance and reflect in all parts of your life, not just the pieces you pay attention too. 

4. Leaving your comfort zone.

A comfort zone is..well comfortable! It's difficult to get out of this zone alone, however a life coach will help you "stretch your boundaries" so you "break a mental sweat each day and go to bed full of pride every night." Taking a step out of our comfort zone each day means you are closer to completing whatever goal or accomplishment you wish to achieve. A life coach can help you push you lightly to this goal. 

Now that you know why you should see a life coach, make it happen! Community Well offers holistic life coaching, lead by Tereza Iniguez Flores. Tereza Iñiguez-Flores offers a unique style of life coaching with a holistic blend of Meso American/Curanderismo modalities. Her work transforms the lives of individuals, couples and families seeking to find unity, healthy communication, empowerment, and growth, as they discover and free their inner essence.  Her focus is the healing of ancestral, childhood and present trauma for a stronger sense of self.

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