Why Practice Prenatal Yoga?

We learned via All Baby Mag that there are many benefits to prenatal yoga. Yoga not only helps you stay fit during pregnancy, but also creates a special bond with your baby. 

Check out these 8 benefits about why you should start practicing prenatal yoga!

1. Enhances body awareness and self-observation

2. Improves balance, posture and circulation 

3. Builds strength and coordination of the muscles in prep for labor

4. Builds stamina needed for labor and birth 

5. Develops breathing techniques that can be used for a calm labor 

6. Aids in reliving fluid retention and decreases swelling 

7. Eases back pains common during pregnancies 

8. Provides a supportive environment to meet other new moms! 

Community Well offers a weekly prenatal yoga class. These fun and empowering classes are tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women, promotes holistic, abundant and radiant practices and most of all helps prepare you for birth and beyond. Yoga eases aches and pains commonly found during pregnancy, promotes mind, body, spirit connection with your baby, builds strength and breath awareness and is an opportunity to practice and be in community with other pregnant women.

For more information about the Mama Prenatal Yoga class, click here