Why Should I Take A Childbirth Class?

We learned via MayoClinic that childbirth classes can give you confidence as you head into labor and delivery, no matter if you are a new mom or not. 

Check out why you should take a childbirth class: 

  • Learn new things you didn't know about labor, delivery and postpartum care. You'll learn how to see the first signs of labor and what happens to your body. 
  • Address your fears. You will have the chance to talk about what worries you about childbirth and get support from other women who are going through the same process. 
  • Connect with your partner. Childbirth classes offer you the time to connect with your partner and learn how to support you during your labor. 
  • Discuss ways for dealing with pain. You'll practice various methods, such as how to breathe properly, relaxation and visualization for coping with labor contractions. 
  • Learn about the basics on medical interventions and possible complications. Learn how routine interventions can influence the course of labor.
  • Gain knowledge about newborn care. Learn more about choosing a pediatrician, breastfeeding tips and bathing. 

Interested in trying out a class? Join us for our childbirth classes at Community Well. We offer two classes, Birthing from Within and The Journey. Learn with other parents and be in community!

Click here to learn more about our Birthing from Within child prep class. 

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