Amber Dawn Hallet | Educator & Bodyworker

Contact: (206) 940-8502 or

When: October 8th- 9th 10-4pm

Sliding Scale Cost: $150- $200 includes both days of classes, and 10 hours of instruction

Register: Click HERE to register online.

Want to learn what's really going on with your menstrual cycle? Are you tired of relying on hormonal birth control, condoms or devices to stop you from getting pregnant?  Are you worried you might not be able to conceive when you’re finally ready?

My classes provide simple, approachable tools and techniques to enable you to know each day whether you are fertile, and how to bring greater ease and health to that phase of your cycle.  Just as it’s possible to tell when you are menstruating, it is also possible to tell when you are fertile. This information can be used to gain insights into your reproductive health, as well as for reliable birth control. 

Join my 2-Day Class Series to learn to chart using the Symptothermal Method (STM), a highly effective scientifically-proven approach that's over 98% effective for birth control.

Finally, there's an option for you.  YOU CAN:

  • Have birth control that’s as reliable as the pill without the side effects.  
  • Avoid pregnancy without flooding your body with fake hormones or devices.
  • Use the method effectively, even if you’re not a woo-woo in-tune kind of woman.  
  • Never run out of condoms, pills, rings, sponges, spermicide etc. ever again.
  • Live in sync with your body’s rhythms, rather than overriding them.
  • Know exactly where you are in your cycles, even if they vary widely.
  • Avoid pregnancy now without compromising your fertility in the future.
  • Get pregnant more easily and with less stress whenever the time is right.

Amber Dawn Hallet is a women's health educator and bodyworker who supports women through all different phases of reproductive life.  She adores helping women tune into the rhythms of their bodies, and is devoted to healing people and planet, one womb at a time.  She is a Certified Fertility Awareness Method EducatorCertified Reproductive Health EducatorLicensed Massage Practitioner, and a Professional Practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  She is a member of the International Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals, as well as the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.  She strongly believe that all women deserve to have the knowledge to gauge their hormonal health, to choose when (and when not) to conceive, and to take care of their bodies.  With these tools, women can take responsibility for their health, enjoy side-effect-free birth control, and conceive with confidence and ease when they're ready.