How do you work?

Practitioners and educators in the fields of holistic health care, family services and integrated well-being rent our private offices and classrooms to host their services and classes. Families and individuals in the community come to the center to take classes and attend sessions with practitioners. Community Well offers both the clients and practitioners a warm and welcoming space, centralized outreach and a network of families and professionals for resource sharing and community building.

Who do we serve?

Community Well is a center for individuals, families and couples from all social and economic backgrounds.  We make every effort to support anyone that wants healing and holistic wellness or pregnancy support.

Are you a non-profit or not?

Community Well is a non-profit project fiscally sponsored by the non-profit Social Good. It is managed by an Advisory Board of stakeholders including health and wellness professionals, parents, educators and activists who assess community needs, inform programming, and evaluate quality. The rent that practitioners pay to use the space goes towards covering the cost of keeping the center open. The Community Well Advisory board members are all volunteers. 

How does payment work?

Community members pay practitioners directly for the services rendered; the center does not have a central payment system.  Practitioners have a variety of methods for taking payment that include cash, check, Paypal, etc.

Who gets scholarships?

Community Well offers scholarships for lower-income local families to access services at Community Well who would otherwise not be able to afford them.  Community Well has an application for Financial Aid that any family or individual can fill out. We use confidential and standard measures to determine who qualifies. That information is not shared with the practitioners to keep things fair and safe for everyone. The Scholarships Committee of the Advisory Board distributes financial aid based on how much money has been raised for their “well”. The financial aid goes directly to the family or individual towards the fees of classes and services at Community Well

How is that board different from the advisory board?

The Community Well Advisory board members were selected based on their history with the founding of Community Well and their leadership within San Francisco’s southern neighborhoods.  Each Advisory Board member brings professional and personal skills to the table to further the organization's mission and vision, as well as representing many of the diverse populations of our area.