I Feel Good April- June series is now OPEN!

Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin | Program Coordinator

Contact: Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin at jennifer@communitywellsf.com

Class Facilitators: There are multiple practitioners facilitating, see bio's below.

When:  10-12pm

  • Sunday, April 7th: Chronic Illness Education/Prevention w/ Angel Le

  • Sunday, April 14th: The Power Of Detoxing w/ Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin

  • Sunday, May 5th: Healthy Cooking For The Family

  • Sunday, May 19th: Herbs For Health & Wellness w/ Holly Calica

  • Saturday, June 2nd: Wellness In The Work Place w/ Lindy Sin

  • Sunday, June 9th: Nutrition For Chronic Illness Prevention w/ Angel Le

Cost: FREE! Start the enrollment process HERE!  Once you have claimed your ticket you will be contacted to schedule an enrollment phone call for these courses.

A FREE 6 Class course that will focus on natural methods to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, & heart disease. This is a family friendly event - bring your kids with you! 

  • ALL classes will have Spanish & Cantonese translation. Find Information in Spanish HERE & in Cantonese HERE.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Reduce your chance of a future chronic disease diagnosis

  • Create healthy family lifestyle

  • Learn natural methods to prevent chronic disease

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Individuals who have a chronic illness and want to learn natural methods to improve their condition and potentially reduce their medications with their doctor's supervision

  • Individuals who want to take a proactive approach and implement healthy practices that will increase their chances of preventing chronic illness

  • Parents who want to incorporate healthy lifestyle practices with their kids

  • Seniors who want to increase their energy levels and potentially expand their lifespan

*Attend at least 5 classes and be entered to win one of two Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 7*

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Angel Le | Certified Clinical Nutritionist & Health Therapist

Angel received her Clinical Nutrition Certificate from NHI College in Encinitas and offer Nutritional Consultations as well as Nutritional classes within the Peninsula. She carries nutrition as a passionate part of her small and growing family.


Dominique Martin | Doula & Angel Intuitive

Dominique is a health educator, birth and postpartum doula, and a spiritual practitioner. She has always been passionate about spiritual, mental, and physical health, and always knew her life purpose was that of a healer.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an emphasis in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University. Dominique completed her labor and postpartum doula training at Cornerstone, and she strives to bring an intuitive, loving, and calming presence to every birth she attends, and throughout the postpartum period.

Her spiritual practice has a huge influence on her life, and she connects with the angels as an angel Reiki practitioner and an angel oracle card reader. She can help people to connect with their angels, bringing them the Divine guidance needed to heal. She uses these tools in all aspects of her work, along with crystal healing and guided meditation.

Dominique is deeply committed to supporting people on their journey to better health and through all the changes in their lives.

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Holly Calica | Clinical Herbalist

Holly Calica, Co-Founder of Luna Nueva Wellness Collective and Kalingafornia Laga, continues to bring her experience as an educator, artist, and herbalist to the San Francisco Bay Area. Her unique background as a Cultural Worker preserving Indigenous traditional knowledge, skills and practices lends itself to participating in the revitalization of plant medicine and other cultural practices in our time. She revels in teaching all she has learned about plant medicine, self-massage bodywork, and spiritual healing with the community in order for the community to learn about self-care and self-healing. She has spent the last five years collaborating with others to provide holistic and integrated care in private practice, clinical work and educational forums. Her current work is in mentoring community members in becoming herbalists to for the well being of all.

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Kahlilah Nelson | Herbalist & Nutritional Cook

Kahlilah has studied holistic nutrition for the last ten years, learning all about the miracle of food and the disease-fighting, life-supporting nutrients we can find in every bite + ways to cook, eat and be in community that support digestion, a sense of well being and better sleep.

She is committed to help build a world where nourishing, delicious food and the healing joy of cooking is accessible to all of us.

She will spend the rest of her life working to improve the health of families and supporting youth education, youth wellness and youth 'whatever they need, let’s make it happen’ services in her community.

She believes food justice is an essential tenet of all forms of healing justice. Kahlilah loves to cook and she will always fight for love:

‘Freedom is like taking a bath, you got to keep doing it every day.’ -Flo Kennedy


Lindy Sin | Yogi & Yoga Instructor

Lindy's heart-based offering to you comes from her belief that an innate understanding of, and connection with, yourself and the present moment gives you an ability to lead yourself first, and others to live your biggest human life as a full person, be it at home, with friends, at school or at work.  Lindy is a local Mom in the Bernal/Excelsior/Glen Park neighborhoods. She loves spending time with her husband, her 5 yr old twins and their dog Kyla, exploring and playing.  Lindy and her kids speak Cantonese as well and the entire family enjoys Chinese and ethnic foods.

Yoga: a doorway to get in it with yourself and be present, real and human. her work with (sometimes the littlest) clients through physical asana practices, breathing and meditation makes for a non-judgemental and fun journey on and off the mat. Her special interest is to offer yoga to kids, their families and caregivers in particular.

Urban sprouts logo.png

Urban Sprouts | www.urbansprouts.org

Community Gardening Educator Urban Sprouts is an organization dedicated to project-based learning around environmental and nutrition education. Urban Sprouts advances family health by promoting the increased consumption of fresh produce through food and garden-based activities that are culturally relevant. Urban Sprouts principally services historically under-resourced neighborhoods and public housing communities in southeast San Francisco