Tereza Iñiguez-Flores | Curandera, Holistic Life Coach, Teacher & Facilitator | (415) 469-0662

Contact: tierramorena@earthlink.net or (415) 469-0662

When: August date TBD

Sliding Scale Cost: $25-$35

Tereza Iñiguez Flores along with Tobirus Newby, create a sacred space where men can come together to process life issues as they discover tools for stress relief and self-empowerment. We will help open the door to your inner wisdom and truth, which will create expansion into the Peaceful Warrior within. These tools will help ease inner wounds, remove self-doubt, guilt/blame and invite success in your relationships, career and personal life.

Tierra Morena Holistic Services was founded by Tereza Iñiguez Flores decades ago with the intention of bringing Holistic Healers and Practitioners together to share and integrate their medicine for a better tomorrow. For over 30 years, Tereza Iñiguez Flores has combined Mesoamerican (Curanderismo) traditional healing practices with contemporary healing arts, creating a unique style of life coaching. This holistic approach to healing trauma, physical discomfort, illness, disconnection, soul loss and depression, revives the true essence of the person. This successful holistic healing method offers freedom to weave a colorful tapestry of self-acceptance, expression and connection with purpose. www.tierramorena.net

Tobirus Newby, has studied with Tierra Morena since 2013 in addition to cultivating his spiritual practice of curanderismo he is a licensed mental health clinician in the East Bay. He believes in the power of integrating indigenous medicine with modern forms of healing to bring us into sacred balance and help us experience holistic Wellness.