***Canceled until further notice due to injury in the family.  We hope the class will be meeting again in June or sooner.***

Noe Venable | Holistic Music Educator

Contact: noevenable@gmail.com

When: Mondays from 10:30-11:15am

Sliding Scale cost:  $18 - $20 per class if you enroll in the whole session, $20 - $22 if you prefer to drop in. We also reserve at least one spot each session for families who are unable to contribute financially.

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Meadowlark is a music class for little ones and their caregivers, led by acclaimed indie singer-songwriter, Noe Venable.

In our cozy, welcoming circle, fairy magic is alive and well and the ancient songs still have something to teach us.  Each season features a collection of songs chosen to highlight the wonders of the season, from newborn rabbits in the spring, to apple orchards in fall.  At Meadowlark, we remember what it’s like to see the world through a child’s eyes, and our classes and recordings are designed with this in mind.  Our songs celebrate and nurture the magic of this time.

This experience is not only for children.  As a parent or caregiver, you’ll join a warmly supportive community in an activity that feeds the soul– singing and dancing with our children.  But that’s not all…  You’ll fill your care-giving toolkit with timeless, useful songs and rhymes, all imbued with the powers of imagination, warmth, and gentleness.  And in our thoughtfully produced, homemade recordings, you’ll take home a soundtrack to help keep your family singing all season long.

Meadowlark is...

Participatory:  The class incorporates singing, movement, and play-along instruments.  No prior musical experience required!

Multicultural:  We sing songs and play instruments from many diverse cultures.

Gentle on the senses:  To prevent overwhelm, we balance exuberant moments with quieter ones.  Each class includes a restful lullaby time and puppet show.

Acoustic:  We provide recordings to listen to at home.  However, our in person class is entirely acoustic, and that’s by design.  We believe in the magic we can create together in real time, just as we are.

Noe Venable is a singer and holistic music educator.  As a singer-songwriter, Noe has released six albums of original music, which have earned her a loyal following throughout the world.  Noe’s songs have appeared in film, and Noe has toured nationally with some of the greats, including Ani DiFranco.

As a teacher, Noe’s approach is grounded in the belief that everyone is musical.   Her classes provide a safe space for beginners and experienced singers alike to explore the joy of making music together.  Noe teaches people of all ages.  For families with young children, Noe leads a parent child music class, Hearth Song Music Circle.  She also leads the parent-child program at Golden Bridges School, where she teaches indoor and outdoor child observation classes for families.  For women and girls, she leads Mothersong Chorus, which brings an intergenerational tribe of women together weekly to sing.  

Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School, and a Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch, New England. Noe’s work is grounded in her spiritual practice, which she continues to deepen through ongoing study with Isa Gucciardi of The Sacred Stream. http://www.noevenable.com/singingcircles/teaching/