Mauricio Herrador | Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® Practitioner

Contact: (509) 431-8035 or

When:  Thursdays 7-8pm.  Also available for private sessions by appointment.

Sliding Scale Cost: $125-$150 for private sessions.  $20 for group lessons per person

Weekly Learning Through Movement lessons that help with Pain and Physical Limitations caused by Knee/Hip and Back Osteoarthritis, Stroke and other Neurological Conditions.

Testimonial: Stephanie Stavrianoudakis, RN San Francisco, CA

"I gratefully found this work 6 years ago after my first of 5 surgeries for breast cancer.  I was astounded at how such simple gentle movement resulted in profoundly increasing my freedom of movement.  It brought this new sense of awareness to my whole being.  I didn’t even realize how much the surgeries to my chest area affected even the most basic functions such as breathing!  Through my commitment to this work I was able to experience noticeable faster recovery with my subsequent surgeries. I had less pain, less nausea, less everything! These results drove my commitment to the practice.  I have continued with this commitment throughout my cancer journey.  And I attribute a big part of  my high quality of life to this work.  I now have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer to T6, T9 L2 and L4 of my spine, my left shoulder,  my left hip,  my pubic bone and my 6th right rib.  With the increase in sites, I found myself relying on opioids for pain relief…(4-8 pills per day and still having pain). Although my doctors kept prescribing more and different opioids,  I decided to up my focus on this neuromovent deal.  I started doing movement lessons 5 days a week for 30 min or so in length.   After a month or so of commitment to the movement lessons, I followed with a 5 day intensive with Mauricio which consisted of private sessions 45 -60 minutes 5 days in a row.  I am now so excited to report I am off all opioids and back to doing the things I love like hiking and traveling. If pain starts to creep up, I up my movement lessons and get a tuneup from Mauricio and I’m good to go. My doctors  keep saying “I don’t know what you're doing, but keep doing it”.  I know the science calls this brain plasticity, but I simply call it a miracle." 

Mauricio is committed to helping others unlock uncharted possibility within themselves, leading to the discovery that dealing with pain and disability effectively lies inside the premises of what we haven't yet learned about ourselves.

Mauricio has worked in the field of Physical Rehabilitation, as Physical Therapist Assistant, for twenty years, more specifically with Acute/Chronic Pain, Orthopedic, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury and Amputee and Prosthetic Training rehab, being daily exposed to the needs, frustrations, confusion and at times shame that plague those he works with. For the last four years he has been adding new skills by training in the cutting edge and scientifically sound Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® (now his method of choice) becoming licensed to practice in June 2015, continued education by completing the Children with Special Needs Mastery in May 2016 and is now enrolled in the Vitality and Anti-Aging Mastery training at The ABM Center in San Rafael, CA.

Mauricio has recently chosen the San Francisco Bay Area as his home-base for his new practice in ABM® for many good reasons, but particularly because this is where his loving and supportive tribe of friends and family reside: "It felt like home since the first time I set foot here. It is a feeling that I've been craving my whole life" he admits as he adds that family fragmentation came early in his life, laying the ground for a solitary and bumpy journey, yet instrumental in his slow and labored to come appreciation of "community" as the basis for good health, vitality and love for life.

His vision is that to be an authentic and effective health provider of worth one must constantly be working on self-improvement needs and goals in order to effectively serve those who seek our professional guidance: "It is through the experience of our own personal process of growth that we can provide a sound and safe platform for engaging others in recognizing possibility within themselves".