Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin | Prosperity Practitioner


When: Sunday, December 11th 12-2 pm

Cost: Free

Higher education as a family goal is a must for most parents. Currently higher education costs are constantly rising, causing school loans debt to be at an all-time high. Newly graduated college students are exiting their schools with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, in student loan debt. In the years to come it looks like this trend will only escalate.

This workshop will help families to understand all their options for college funding. Basic money and accumulation concepts will also be shared, as well as how to navigate the college loan systems. There are pros & cons to the different financial products when it comes to accumulating money that will help to subsidize the growing higher education costs. It is important that parents understand these concepts, and options so that they can be properly prepared for what can be one of their greatest expenses in life. It is equally important to start thinking of saving money for their child’s college costs and to start a plan early.

This workshop is open to families, in all stages of college preparatory life, who want to understand options/products when it comes to college funds, as well as setting a financial plan in place for future higher education costs.

*This Free event is sponsored by PROJECT1000 - Financially Empowering 1000 Families In 2017*

Jennifer is proud to have a practice that integrates two of her passions- Financial Education and Holistic Healing. She is a financial professional who helps individuals, families, & business owners to secure their financial futures. She also has an extensive background in the healing arts including: massage, aromatherapy, energy work, breathwork, & meditation. She feels very fortunate to have found a way to weave together her financial background, and her holistic arts background, to provide a unique service right here at Community Well.