Tereza Iñiguez-Flores | Curandera, Holistic Life Coach, Teacher & Facilitator | (415) 469-0662

Contact: Call (415) 469-0662 or email tereza@tierramorena.net to RSVP and reserve your space.

When: August date TBD

Cost: Heart contribution $25 - $35

Gain insight to self-healing, wisdom as you discover tools that invite calm, focus and empowerment.  Join Maestra Tereza Iñiguez-Flores for a monthly healing circle. Sharing in Women Energy is healing; together we invite the feminine energy to help as rejuvenate as we remove the heaviness of the challenges we face. The shift we are in, is calling us to come together to support one another as we heal.

There will be a Water Blessing with flower essence for clearing and opening of the heart, Energy Balancing that helps bring calm, clarity and focus to our daily lives and Journeying Meditation through the heartbeat sound of the drum to help us enter our inner vision for awakening our true essence.

What to bring: A journal, wear layered clothing or bring a wrap, temperature will change and could get cold; something to cover your eyes, drum & shakers are optional. 

Tereza Iñiguez-Flores offers a unique style of life coaching with a holistic blend of Meso American/Curanderismo modalities. Her work transforms the lives of individuals, couples and families seeking to find unity, healthy communication, empowerment, and growth, as they discover and free their inner essence.  Her focus is the healing of ancestral, childhood and present trauma for a stronger sense of self. As a teacher she shares the gifts of Curanderismo with healing professionals and individuals in search of transformation.  www.tierramorena.net