Alli Cuentos

Birth & Full Spectrum Doula | (415) 217-9885 | Collective Hearts Birth Services | 

Alli Cuentos, Community Well founding partner, is a birth and full spectrum doula, family educator and early learning consultant. She has worked in schools, resource centers and community based programs across San Francisco for the last 15 years.  Alli supports a wide range of families who chose to birth in hospitals and at home. She provides prenatal support through education, practice and connecting families with the resources they need to thrive. Alli also offers her doula/sisterhood services for people experiencing pregnancy loss or choosing termination

Brigitte Knight (LCSW, PPSC, Lic#27073)

Child & Family Therapy | (415) 857-5911 voicemail - please leave a message with your name & telephone number.  Your call will be returned within 2 days (for new clients).

Brigitte is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has provided therapeutic services to children and families in San Francisco for over 10yrs. Specializing in treatment for children ages birth through adolescence and their families, she uses a strengths based approach and believe the therapeutic relationship creates opportunities for change and healing.

Through assessment of the child and family’s needs and concerns, Brigitte provides the child and family with support in learning how to understand and support the child's needs. She specializes in treating educational and learning difficulties, ADHD, anger management, anxiety, depression, divorce/separation, grief, immigration issues, trauma (PTSD) and social skills. To address these needs she uses an array of modalities to engage children & teens, including art therapy, play therapy, sand tray, somatics (mind/body awareness) and cognitive behavioral strategies. In addition, she best supports her clients by providing information, referral and linkage to services in schools, medical providers, specific therapeutic specialist and other relevant services.

Brigitte is bilingual in English and Spanish and has served the Latino community in SF for the last 20yrs, having an extensive knowledge of resources and services in SF that serve children and families. She believes the therapeutic process can benefit people of all ages as it allows one the opportunity to get to know themselves in new ways and find ways to live with greater harmony and health.

Dawn (Aurora) Noelle Smith Beutler

Facilitadora de Lectura en Familia | (415) 260-5783 |

Como facilitadora de lectura en familia, Aurora combina su formación en la antropolgía cultural con sus 20 años de experiencia como educador y sus 17 años como madre bi-cultural para empoderar a las familias con bebés y niños/niñas pequeños/as par que lean juntos.  En los últimos 10 años Aurora ha colaborado con El Árbol de Lectura y varias organizaciones en San Francisco para fomentar un amor hacía los libros como estrategia principal al aprendizaje y alfabetización temprana.  Aurora hace con pasión su trabajo para mostrarles a las familias como darle vida a los libros para que puedan experimentar la emoción y conexión de la lectura compartida en familia a diario.  Adicionalmente, Aurora se unió al equipo de Pulsing Word en el 2016 para proveer oportunidades de aprendizaje por medio de la experiencia, programación y desarrollo de materiales, y entrenamiento que reconoce la conexión entre los dominios cognitivos, físicos, y socio-emocionales.

Dominique Martin.jpg

Dominique Martin

Angel Intuitive |

Dominique is an Angel Channeler, an Oracle Card Reader, and an Empath. She uses her gift of clairaudience (Psychic Hearing), as well as oracle cards for all of her readings. She can help you connect with your Angels, bringing you the Divine guidance you need to heal. She specializes in written and spoken channelings that are affectionately called “love letters.” She also works with her oracle cards to assist you with matters of the heart, to help you determine the next steps in your life purpose, and when general guidance is needed., &

Emily Morioka.jpg

Emily Morioka

Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator & Counselor and Sex & Intimacy Coach |

Passionate about the phenomena of healing, sexuality and intimacy, and non-licensed and alternative modalities, Emily works independently as an integrative health practitioner, postpartum doula, intimacy coach, CPR and First Aid instructor and sex educator. She began teaching sexual education ten years ago and her passions in sexuality and health pushed her to pursue a MA degree in Integrative Health as well as certifications as a wellness coach, birth and postpartum doula, lactation educator and counselor, guided imagery practitioner, American Heart Association CPR and First Aid instructor, and new mom’s group facilitator.

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Emma Louis-Dreyfus

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) | (415) 786-5401 |

Emma is an LCSW (clinical social worker) and family therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field.  She is passionate about social justice and loves her mental wellness work which includes child and family therapy and advocacy, community activism, training, and supervising interns. Emma has worked with populations and in contexts spanning residential treatment, foster and group home therapy, school-based counseling, and currently early intervention for families with young children.  Emma’s practice includes a number of modalities rooted in Attachment and Systems Theory, Psychodynamics, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, and Child Parent Psychotherapy, among others. Emma is a Graduate Fellow in Infant Parent Mental Health and fluent in Spanish, dedicated to serving immigrant and marginalized communities.

Farrell Topham

Board Certified Lactation Consultant |

Farrell Topham is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and native San Franciscan! Farrell has a private lactation consulting practice providing in home care to new families in the Bay Area.

Jazmín X. Barrera

Bi-lingual Child and Family Therapist, MFT Intern #79736, Supervised by: Emma Louis-Dreyfus, LCSW #26982 | (415) 741-5870

Jazmín’s roots are in San Francisco’s Mission District and is the daughter of Central American parents. She is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern with 20 years of experience as a social service provider to underserved and disenfranchised communities in San Francisco. She has extensive experience working with multi-cultural and multi-ethnic adults, children, and families with multiple and co-occurring disorders. Her work integrates a social justice approach to motivate people in their recovery from mental illness and become agents of change. She uses a person-centered approach along with other modalities to alleviate mental illness caused by community violence and intergenerational trauma. Mental health counseling services are provided in Spanish and English to adults, children ages 0-18, and families experiencing symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and psychological ailments due to immigration and forced displacement.

Jennifer Moran

Birth Doula, Holistic Massage Therapist, Placenta Encapsulation | (415) 254-1141 | 

Jen Reyes Moran, Community Well founding partner, is a holistic massage therapist and doula who completely loves what she does. Her studies of psychology at UC Santa Barbara, special education at San Francisco State, bodywork and energywork at The World School of Massage and Holisitc Healing Arts, prenatal massage at McKinnon Body Therapy Center, and doula training through Doulas Of North America have all contributed to the well-rounded approach she has in working with her clients. Jen also has strong spiritual practices that guide her healing path. She has worked as a teacher for Oakland Unified School District and has always been committed to working with families. Please visit her doula website to learn more about her work and to schedule a meeting:


Jen Madanat

Doula | (415) 217-9885 | Collective Hearts Birth Services | 

Jen begun as a doula in 2011 after experiencing her own loss, which led her interest to holistic approaches in maternal health and wellbeing. She soon learned what a doula was and never turned back! Jen believes whole heartedly in the body's innate wisdom and a mother's right to informed consent throughout her experience. Her love for birth, families and connection fuel her work and have helped her serve nearly 500 families in the Bay Area and internationally at home, birth centers and hospitals.

Jen's formal studies include a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (SFSU), Certified Birth Doula (DONA), Certified Postpartum Doula (Cornerstone), Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Garden), Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga, and soon to be a Certified Professional Midwife (National College of Midwifery). She is currently offering birth doula services and placenta encapsulation.

Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin

Holistic & Prosperity Practitioner | (908) 205-3918 |

Jennifer is proud to have a practice that integrates two of her passions- Financial Education and Holistic Healing. She is a financial professional who helps individuals, families, & business owners to secure their financial futures. She also has an extensive background in the healing arts including: massage, aromatherapy, energy work, breathwork, & meditation. She feels very fortunate to have found a way to weave together her financial background, and her holistic arts background, to provide a unique service right here at Community Well.

Laura Marina Perez

Midwife & Student Curandera | (415) 846-8950 |

Laura Marina Perez, CPM, LM is a community midwife who is deeply honored to work with new and growing families. She is also a member of the Bay Area Homebirth Collective. Laura, an apprentice-trained midwife who trusts women and trusts birth, and is also studying traditional healing known as curanderismo. She lives in Crocker Amazon with her brilliant child and her loving partner.

Leah Chalofsky, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | (415) 305-1228 | | Psychology Today Profile

Leah Chalofsky, MFT (LMFT83622) is a licensed psychotherapist who provides therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples.  Leah has experience working with clients on many issues, and focuses on reproductive and maternal health, anxiety, recovery from trauma, domestic violence, and adolescent challenges.  She provides a warm, supportive environment that allows clients to feel heard, while also challenging them to use their strengths to heal and grow.  She believes that by supporting people therapeutically, she can impact the community one person at a time. Please see her website for more information about her practice and approach:

Maria Cristina Ortega

Educadora de Desarrollo Infantil | (415) 573­-6165 |

Cristy es madre de dos y felizmente casada.  Ha participado en el liderazgo organizacional en varios programas en San Francisco incluyendo al Homeless Prenatal Program, Glide, Compass, Buen Samaritano, La Linterna, y Nurse Family Partnership. Ha sido facilitadora del masaje infantil y los cursos de "Conocer a su Bebé" en el HPP y muchos grupos de "Mamá y Yo" en Glide. Tiene su certificación del Masaje Infantil de los EEUU, Puertas Abiertas,  Doula y Cuidado Prenatal. Cristy tiene pasión para enseñar a las madres con bebés, compartiendo sus experiencias y el entrenamiento que le han sido de beneficio propio en su vida y el éxito como madre. 

Marie Kyoko Morohoshi

Meditation Instructor |

Marie Kyoko Morohoshi is a second generation Japanese American whose life is steeped in zen tradition; from the time she was six years old she began training in Chado (The Way of Tea) in the Urasenke Tradition and Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement), and later in zen meditation. Together, she brings over 30 years of zen-based practices to the cushion. 

She is the co-founder of the Center for Transformative Change (formerly known as the New Dharma Meditation Center), a residential “transformative practice community” rooted in the practice of zen meditation, supporting primarily people and activists of color bridging their outer and inner worlds through meditation, yoga, and inner awareness practices.

Marie is also a Reiki Master and teacher who recently deepened her practice following a pilgrimage to Kurama Yama, Japan where Usui Sensei healed himself and founded the practice of Reiki. In Marie’s own practice, she incorporates sound healing, crystals, and the indigenous teachings of her Two-Spirit Lakota Sundance community for whom she serves as the fire chief.

Mauricio Herrador

Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® Practitioner | (509) 431-8035 |

Mauricio is committed to helping others unlock uncharted possibility within themselves, leading to the discovery that dealing with pain and disability effectively lies inside the premises of what we haven't yet learned about ourselves.

Mauricio has worked in the field of Physical Rehabilitation, as Physical Therapist Assistant, for twenty years, more specifically with Acute/Chronic Pain, Orthopedic, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury and Amputee and Prosthetic Training rehab, being daily exposed to the needs, frustrations, confusion and at times shame that plague those he works with. For the last four years he has been adding new skills by training in the cutting edge and scientifically sound Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® (now his method of choice) becoming licensed to practice in June 2015, continued education by completing the Children with Special Needs Mastery in May 2016 and is now enrolled in the Vitality and Anti-Aging Mastery training at The ABM Center in San Rafael, CA.

Mauricio has recently chosen the San Francisco Bay Area as his home-base for his new practice in ABM® for many good reasons, but particularly because this is where his loving and supportive tribe of friends and family reside: "It felt like home since the first time I set foot here. It is a feeling that I've been craving my whole life" he admits as he adds that family fragmentation came early in his life, laying the ground for a solitary and bumpy journey, yet instrumental in his slow and labored to come appreciation of "community" as the basis for good health, vitality and love for life.

His vision is that to be an authentic and effective health provider of worth one must constantly be working on self-improvement needs and goals in order to effectively serve those who seek our professional guidance: "It is through the experience of our own personal process of growth that we can provide a sound and safe platform for engaging others in recognizing possibility within themselves".

Noe Venable

Holistic Music Educator |

Noe Venable is a singer and holistic music educator.  As a singer-songwriter, Noe has released six albums of original music, which have earned her a loyal following throughout the world.  Noe’s songs have appeared in film, and Noe has toured nationally with some of the greats, including Ani DiFranco.

As a teacher, Noe’s approach is grounded in the belief that everyone is musical.   Her classes provide a safe space for beginners and experienced singers alike to explore the joy of making music together.  Noe teaches people of all ages.  For families with young children, Noe leads a parent child music class, Hearth Song Music Circle.  She also leads the parent-child program at Golden Bridges School, where she teaches indoor and outdoor child observation classes for families.  For women and girls, she leads Mothersong Chorus, which brings an intergenerational tribe of women together weekly to sing.  

Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School, and a Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch, New England. Noe’s work is grounded in her spiritual practice, which she continues to deepen through ongoing study with Isa Gucciardi of The Sacred Stream.


Patricia Watters

Licensed Acupuncturist | (415) 350-3591 |

Patricia is a California and nationally licensed acupuncturist who has been working in the healing arts for 20 years. She began this work as a massage therapist and has always been passionate about educating and empowering others to take care of themselves and feel great within their bodies. She has a family practice with experience in women's health, fertility and obstetrics as well as working with all ages and in all phases of life.

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Rachel Johnson

Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner |

Rachel is a Practitioner of Reiki and Shamanism. She offers individual healing sessions, inspiring clients to love themselves, to connect deeply to their spiritual path, and to find strength within. Rachel received her training at the Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia and Vibrant Reiki in San Francisco. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has extensive experience caring for children and young adults suffering from chronic illnesses. She is passionate about creating an integrative model of care for people living with illness so that they can learn ways to bridge the gap between body and spirit healing.

Whether you are seeking peace in challenging times, empowerment to manifest your dreams, or ways to live more joyfully, Rachel is honored to walk with you on your path of healing. Contact her at to schedule an appointment.


Serena Saeed-Win

Certified Nurse Midwife | |

Serena Saeed Winn is a Nurse Midwife, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse. Born and raised in the Bay Area she has served women and their families in San Francisco for over 15 years. Serena was a Doula for many years, then worked with clients in the nonprofit sector with the Homeless Prenatal Program. She has attended births as a midwife in many settings, including birth center, home and hospital birth. Most recently Serena was a full-scope midwife at the Women’s Center at St. Luke’s hospital where she served women through gynecological, prenatal and postpartum care as well delivering babies in the in-patient setting. Serena is the mother of 3 amazing girls including her lively twins. She is dedicated to serving women throughout their lifetimes and seeks to empower families through knowledge, support and trust in themselves.

Solymar Solá Negrón.jpg

Solymar Solá Negrón

Bilingual Psychotherapy for Children, Youth, Families & Adults, Supervised by: Emma Louis-Dreyfus, LCSW #26982 |

Solymar Solá Negrón is a Marriage and Family Therapist- Registered Intern. She has provided therapeutic services to children, youth and families of color in San Francisco as well as gender and culture-specific support groups for children and youth in-custody (system-involved) and in partnership with community organizations, collectives, and public schools in California, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Panama. She also provides culturally-based consultation for community workers with the intention to sustain the growth of community workers of color. Her approach is relational, psychodynamic, culturally-based, utilizing the communion of nature’s gifts and storytelling as an integrated healing modality.


Shannon Padlog

Doula & Birthing from Within | (415) 217-9885 | Collective Hearts Birth Services | 

Supporting families as they prepare for parenthood is the most fulfilling and awe-inspiring work Shannon has ever done! She's been serving families as a birth doula, Birthing From Within Mentor and placenta encapsulator since 2009.  By nature, birth is a unique and deeply personal experience and each mom-to-be has her own set of hopes and expectations. Shannon strives to offer non-judgmental care and mentoring in preparation for this journey, so parents greet labor with knowledge, connection, confidence, and trust. When she isn't supporting families Shannon loves cooking and eating delicious sustainable food, rock climbing, surfing and dancing.

Dr. Suellen Lee Ph.D. (PSY27801)

Child & Family Therapist |

Dr. Suellen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has provided therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults and families in Oakland, San Francisco and Philadelphia for over 10 years. Her approach is relational, attachment-based, developmentally informed and yet collaborative, creative and flexible to each person’s and family’s background and context. Rooted in the belief that the therapeutic relationship creates space for the individual and/or family to tap into their capacities for deeper connections, growth and healing, her sessions involve not only deep listening, but may involve play, expressive arts, and working with the sandtray.

Sue Kuyper, LCSW

Somatic Therapist | (415) 580-2456 |

Sue is a bilingual organizational consultant, somatic coach and social justice therapist who has been working in the crossroads of social movements, community-based organizations and social services for over 20 years. With extensive community organizing and progressive social work experience in San Francisco’s Mission District and nearly 8 years of human rights work with urban and rural communities in Guatemala; she offers an in-depth multicultural, international and multi-disciplinary perspective.  She has been training in somatics with generative somatics ( since 2009.

Tereza Iniguez Flores

Curandera/ Holistic Life Coach/ Teacher/ Facilitator | (415) 469-0662 |

For over 30 years, Tereza Iñiguez Flores has combined Mesoamerican (Curanderismo) traditional healing practices with contemporary healing arts. Integrative and intuitive, her work transforms the lives of individuals, couples families and communities seeking to find a healthier and meaningful life; they find the inner knowledge of their true essence they need and are given the tools to solve their pressing issues in their day to day lives as they invite transformation. Reviving the true essence of the whole person by alleviating conflict, Flores offers a unique style of life coaching that uses a holistic approach to healing trauma, physical discomfort, illness, disconnection, soul loss and depression.  Giving them freedom to weave a colorful tapestry of self-acceptance, expression and connection with purpose.

Yana Ibrahim

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Level 1 Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Certified Birth & Pospartum Doula | (415) 999-5615 | or 

Yana Ibrahim is a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is a certified Level 1 Prenatal Yoga Teacher with MamaTree. She is classically trained in Hatha Yoga and received her 200HR Yoga Instructor certification through SVYASA Yoga Institute. She has a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sports Science (Edith Cowan University). Yana draws on her many years of working with prenatal & postnatal women and also being a mother herself. She is also a certified birth and postpartum doula. Yana believes that birth is a sacred rite of passage; she feels immense joy and honor to play a supportive role in a women's life. Find out more about her services at or